A Step-By-Step Ant Prevention Guide For Your Bronx Home


People often assume that they don’t have to worry about preventing ants. They look at these bugs as a small and insignificant bother, and nothing more. It’s also concluded they’ll go away on their own. Aside from the point about their size, none of these beliefs are true. Ant infestations can happen quickly because of their reproduction rates.

a colony of carpenter ants inside a home

While they’re taking over your Bronx property, they’ll be contaminating food and spreading illness-causing bacteria. Some species destroy wood and other items. Arm yourself with knowledge now about common area ants, ways to stop them, and how No Bug Pest Control can help.

Common Ants In The Bronx

Pharaoh, carpenter, and odorous house ants frequent the New York City region.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are less than ⅛ of an inch long. They’re yellow to yellow-brown and have black and red marks on their abdomens. They prefer warmth, moisture and darkness. Lawns, pipes, walls, baseboards, fabrics, and insulation are where they usually nest. Cabinets and pantries are where they go for their desired sweets, proteins, fats and grease. They also eat other insects. Pharaoh ants are especially dangerous because they carry dysentery and salmonella. If you see their amber-colored workers, you likely have an infestation.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are some of the largest ants there are, being ¼ to ½ of an inch long. Many are black, but they can vary in color. Some are reddish-black, red, yellow, orange, brown, or tan. Their swarmers have wings, and their workers have front mandibles. They enfeeble wood by digging tunnels and creating nests in it. This makes for unsafe and unsightly structural damage. When outside, they’ll be gnawing on logs and trees. Their favorite dining options are sweets, meats, and fellow critters. Signs of infestation include seeing wood shavings around their nest holes, hearing rustling behind walls, and having hollow foundations.

Odorous Ants

Odorous house ants are a little bit longer than ⅛ of an inch. They’re dark brown or black and have uneven body segments. They have their name for two reasons. One, they emit a “spoiled coconut” smell when they are squashed. Two, their attraction to dampness and heat leads them indoors; particularly if it rains. Paneling, pipes, wall and floor voids, carpeting and heaters are the ultimate nesting spots for them. When they enter your kitchen, sugar, meat vegetables, fruit juice and dairy will be their targets. They will bite humans, but their bites are not tremendously painful. Catching them out and about is the only indication of an infestation.

Preventing Ants

Now that you know what kinds of ants could come by, here are tips to prevent their visits:

  • Seal openings in foundations, windows, screens, utility and roof lines. Ants are so tiny, they can crawl through any size hole.
  • All exterior doors should have door sweeps.
  • Maintain greenery and have it several feet from your building.
  • Put garbage and food in airtight containers, and immediately clean food messes. This applies to pet meals too.
  • Keep your kitchen and pantry neat.
  • Regularly vacuum and remove trash.
  • Repair leaks.

No Bug Pest Control’s Ant Methods

No Bug Pest Control’s technicians have specialized expertise. They’ll be able to swiftly locate sensitive areas of your home or business, and provide you with useful prevention recommendations. Staying ahead of these insects is the best way to protect your property.

If you already have a growing issue or infestation, we have potent liquids, baits and other products that will save the day. The ants will be exterminated, and unlikely to return. Our eco-friendly treatments are strong enough to kill bugs, but pose no threat to humans and pets. We promise. Call us now to receive a free, no-obligation estimate!

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