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With all the “easy, at-home” solutions you’ll find touted online or on television, it can be easy to get complacent when it comes to pest control. Why be proactive when you can find a quick, easy fix for the problem? Many of these so-called “solutions” are unproven, and the danger that comes along with pest infestations isn’t something you want to take a chance on. Proper treatment is often less expensive in the long run than repeatedly buying ineffective products.

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You Need More Than A Band-Aid Solution

Most people are reactive instead of preventative when it comes to pests. We think that a pest problem is only occurring when we notice it, and then we try to deal with the problem on our own. It’s not inherently bad to take responsibility for one’s home and want to solve the problem, but DIY pest control is often ineffective and can put you in harm’s way. Even if an at-home solution works initially, most store-bought or makeshift control methods will only cover up the signs of pests and not actually address the problem. These “Band-Aid solutions” might make you sleep a little better at night, but the reality is that these provide a false sense of security. An improperly treated problem can have severe consequences.

The True Price Of Pest Infestations

The reason it’s important to be on top of pest control is that the presence of pests in your home or business can pose much greater risks than just a mere annoyance. Not catching pest populations early, or improperly treating the problem, can result in all of the following:

  • Property damage: Many pests can be active in your home for weeks or months before the outward signs are noticeable. With termites, that time can translate into thousands of dollars in property damage and unsafe structural conditions.
  • Health hazards: Some pests can carry harmful diseases that can be spread throughout your home. While some illnesses can be transmitted via a bite or through physical contact, others can simply be spread through the mere presence of infected pests in your home.
  • Recurring problem: If a pest solution doesn’t completely eradicate a population, pests can quickly repopulate and the problem will come right back. Solutions that don’t account for future prevention run into this same problem.

No Bug Pest Control Services

Because of these consequences to improper pest control, only professional pest management can provide real assurance that a pest problem is being handled the right way. At No Bug Pest Control, our proven services include the following features:

  • Free estimate: Our free, no-obligation estimates are a great resource for people who suspect they have a pest problem but don’t know how pervasive it is. Our experts determine the type and scope of the problem and let you know exactly how we would get rid of it.
  • Safe: Our treatments are eco-friendly and completely safe for your family, including the pets in your household. Over-the-counter chemicals can’t always offer the same guarantee.
  • Protection plan: We not only offer one-time elimination but can provide year-round protection from invasive pests. Purchasers of our protection plans get one month every year on us -- that’s 100% free.

Call The Pros For Peace Of Mind

You don’t want to risk the consequences of a pest problem getting out of control. Only proactive, ongoing treatment and prevention can ensure that a pest infestation doesn’t become a bigger issue. Contact the professionals for complete peace of mind. No matter the timing or scope of the problem, turn to No Bug Pest Control to get started on proper control today.

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