Rodent Control

Has Something Furry Moved Into Your NY or NJ Home?

If you’re hearing scratching coming from inside your walls, finding little black droppings on your counter tops, or discovering holes in your food containers, you might have an unwanted visitor in your house. Rodents are common invaders inside of New York City homes and businesses, and they are not a pest you want around for any length of time. Rodents spread diseases and parasites, and cause substantial damage to the buildings they infest. If rodents have gotten into your home, contact No Bug Pest Control for help.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

two small rodents in a basement


We begin with a home inspection to determine where the rodents are nesting and how they’re getting inside. Although there is a fee associated with the inspection, we will apply it to your rodent treatment.

Bait Stations

Based on where we find rodent activity, we’ll place bait stations in various locations around your home or business. When placing them, we take the safety of your family or customers into consideration and make sure we put them in out of the way locations.

We check bait stations monthly. For larger establishments, we may check them twice a month.

Exclusion Work

In order to keep rodents from getting back into your structure, you must seal up the entry points they used to get inside. We offer ground-level exclusion work to seal these entry points. Exclusion work comes with a 60-day warranty. If rodents return within this timeframe, we’ll come back to re-treat at no additional charge.

Rodent Elimination Made Easy

When rodents get into your house, trying to get rid of them on your own is not only an exercise in frustration, but it can also be dangerous. Take the easy and smart way out by contacting No Bug Pest Control. We will safely eliminate your rodent problem while also preventing future infestations.


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